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YallavCard is the future of networking. Our next generation digital business cards are the perfect solution for modern professionals on the go, offering advanced features, customization options, and the convenience of a digital format.

The Smart YallavCard Business Card – No App Needed.

The logos of all your social media, navigation, business and payment apps connecting to the Yalla vCard!

Streamline Your Networking with All-in-One Digital Business Cards

Introducing YallavCard – the ultimate digital business card solution that takes your networking game to the next level. With our advanced and customizable platform, you’ll have the power to create a lasting impression and seamlessly integrate with all of your online business channels.

Our digital business card is fully customizable to match your branding and style. You can add your logo, profile picture, social media links, and other vital information. And with our easy-to-use interface, you can create a stunning digital business card in minutes.

But that’s not all – YallavCard also integrates seamlessly with CRMs and other applications, making it easy to manage your contacts and streamline your workflow. And our analytics feature gives you valuable insights into who’s viewed your card and how often, helping you follow up and stay connected with your prospects and clients.

YallavCard is the most advanced and customizable digital business card available today, capable of linking out to wherever you do business online. With our QR technology, sharing your card is as simple as a quick scan, eliminating the need for traditional paper business cards.

Join the future of networking and take advantage of the most advanced and customizable digital business card available today. Sign up for YallavCard and start making lasting connections with ease and style.

How YallavCard Works

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Review the digital design proof and provide feedback.

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Once you receive your YallavCard, you're ready to start networking like never before. Happy tapping!

Find Your Perfect YallavCard Fit

Get ready to revolutionize your networking game and modernize your team with YallavCard affordable and customizable digital business card plans – designed for solopreneurs and enterprises alike!


$80 / Year
  • Basic Info
  • Bio \ About
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Web \ Social Links
  • Photo Gallery
  • Free Hosting Included
  • Mobile Version Only
  • Custom QR Code


200 / Year
  • All the Advanced features, plus:
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Payment Services
  • Maps Navigation
  • Business & Personal Site
  • Fully Customized Design
  • Unlimited App Integrations
  • Dedicated Account Representative

Turn People You Meet Into

We have solutions for every professional and every team
From individuals to 10,000+ member teams, we provide mobile and desktop ready solutions.

Other Business Cards

Other Digital Cards

Paper Cards
Contact Sharing
Share your contact information to any modern smartphone with just one tap. 
Multiple Plans
No matter the industry or size of your business, there's a plan to fit your needs. 
Less Waste
Paper cards are constantly getting tossed in the trash. Upgrade to a single digital card that stays with you for life.
More Features
Other digital cards offer a few links and a couple photos. The Yalla vCard offers unlimited links, a full Photo & Video Gallery, and more. 
Fully Customizable
Paper and other digital cards are based off a template, once you've seen one, you've them all. The Yalla vCard is custom tailored to represent you and your business.
Extensive Integrations
The Yalla vCard offers countless app integrations, so whatever you need to maximize your networking, your vCard will be ready. 

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Keep your lead database up-to-date, effortlessly.

The YallavCard supports integrations with hundreds of business tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack, and Salesforce.

You can also connect via Zapier to your marketing automation tools and mailing apps.

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